Things That Women Find Attractive About Their Sex Partner

What turns a woman on in the bedroom?

Discovering what your partner finds attractive and what turns her on in the bedroom is one of the best investments you can make for your relationship. Healthy sex life is a vital part of a strong, enduring relationship, so figuring out what makes your partner tick sexually is highly worthwhile, not to mention a lot of fun.

Naturally, writing an article like this is always a risky endeavor, particularly as every woman is different. However, it’s been found that there are common traits that most, if not all, women find attractive in a sexual partner. As you examine the following list, identify which ones most resonate with you and which you’re willing to give a go. Although seemingly simple, each one is an effective way to increase your attractiveness to your partner and ramp up the level of intimacy in your relationship.

Things That Women Find Attractive About Their Sex Partner

A Healthy Sexual Appetite

Women are most happy in a relationship when their partner desires them. It communicates that their partner finds them attractive, that they still turn them on, and that they are enough for their partner. And nothing communicates their attractiveness than a strong, prolonged erection.

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Being in Shape

Here, I run the risk of igniting the ‘do looks matter to a woman’ debate, and to that end, I offer that while they’re not all that matters to most women, they certainly do help. However, regardless of what you look like, being in shape helps you to express the best version of yourself. You’re putting in the effort to look good for your partner, and it’s something she will notice straight away.

Additionally, being in good shape creates sexual anxiety, the fear that if you improve your appearance, other women will find you attractive. This anxiety is shown to produce a tiny bit of jealousy which is good for a relationship; it prevents you from taking the other for granted. However, instead of exercising your perceived options, you return to her each night, which is a huge turn-on. So commit to getting into shape, and you’ll be sure to drive her wild physically and mentally.


Women find it incredibly attractive when a man is attentive to their sexual needs. When he pays attention to her responses during sex, doing more of what turns her on and less of what’s not working. The easiest way to achieve this is by listening; take your attention off yourself and place it all on her. If this is difficult for you, consider meditating for 5 minutes a day, focusing on your breathing. Alternatively, many enhancement products, including ProSolution Pills, contain Korean Ginseng, which increases mental alertness.