Ways to Remain Sexually Active After 60

How to retain your sexual vigor in your golden years and beyond

Remain sexually active after 60

Although there’s a common perception in society that older people aren’t able to enjoy sex as younger people or have less interest in it, this is a misconception. Granted, getting older often brings a decrease in energy levels and libido, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With proper maintenance and healthy lifestyle choices, it’s possible to maintain high levels of stamina, sexual interest, and prowess well into advanced age. And in the event you’ve allowed years of cumulative bad habits affect your body, it’s still entirely possible to reclaim the garden from the weeds so to speak. Here are a number of ways to increase your sexual potency after 60:


The benefits of regular exercise cannot be overstated. As you get older, your testosterone levels decrease, which leads to muscle loss. However, this can be combated through frequent exercise which serves to both increases the production of testosterone and preserves muscle mass. This increased muscle mass leads to increased strength as well as muscle tension, which protects your bones. This increased muscle mass allows you to be more effective in the bedroom: strengthening the muscles during sex, increasing your range of movement, and widening the number of sexual positions you’re capable of.

Regular exercise is also highly beneficial for your heart and cardiovascular system. By strengthening your heart and improving the blood flow to your body, your muscles will be better supplied with oxygen and nutrients during sex, increasing your stamina. You’ll also be better able to recover in the event you want to go another round. Best of all, an improved cardiovascular system leads to a better supply of blood to the penis, which results in stronger, longer-lasting erections.


Male enhancement products such as ProSolution pills, are an effective way to increase your sexual energy and desire while you allow nature to take its course through exercise. ProSolution pills are composed of natural ingredients such as Korean ginseng, zinc oxide, arjuna, and momordica which instantly improve blood flow to the penis, increase your sexual stamina, and help you to feel more aroused. And what’s more, ProSolution pills act quickly but don’t cause lingering after-effects; enhancing your performance when required, before allowing you to return to normal.


Closely aligned with exercise is taking the time to stretch regularly. A consistent stretching routine, both when you first wake up and again later in the day, will help to prevent muscle tears and relieve joint pain. Being flexible also increases your sexual possibilities, allowing you to enjoy a greater range of sexual positions and techniques without feeling discomfort.


A healthy, balanced diet serves to increase your energy levels and allows you to maintain or improve the health of your cardiovascular system. Be sure to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables which, like ProSolution pills, contain nutrients such as zinc and vitamin C which increase your production of testosterone. Additionally, aim to reduce your intake of fatty and sugary foods which can clog your arteries over time and restrict blood flow around your body.