Most Efficient Sexual Nutrients

The most vital vitamins and minerals for improving your sexual prowess

What you put into your body by way of what you eat and drink has the largest influence on your level of health, energy levels, and sense of well-being. However, an often overlooked aspect of the role of food is the part it plays in sexual health and energy. Your diet plays a huge role in your levels of sexual desire, your stamina in the bedroom, and crucially, your ability to get an erection and how long you’re able to sustain it. If you’re presently facing issues with your libido, stamina, or your ability to hold an erection for prolonged periods, there’s a great chance your diet could do with an upgrade.

Fortunately, fixing your diet is simple, and your sexual health can be rapidly improved by focusing on increasing your intake of a few vital nutrients. Broadly speaking, there are two main ways to improve your consumption of these nutrients: from dietary sources or supplementation. Nutritional sources relate to particular foods containing said nutrients, while supplementation could be general dietary supplementation such as multivitamins or specialized male enhancement supplementation like ProSolution pills.

Most Efficient Sexual Nutrients

Here’s a quick rundown of the most effective sexual nutrients and where you can find them:


Proteins are the building blocks of your muscle, working to repair damaged cells within your body as well as creating new ones. This creation includes testosterone, your main sex hormone, for which a healthy supply of protein is vital. You can increase your protein intake by consuming more fish, lean meat, nuts, leafy green vegetables, and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and eggs. You can get protein from supplements such as shake powders and protein bars.


Zinc is also important in the production of testosterone. If you are experiencing a deficiency, increasing your intake will help you see an improvement in your sex drive and arousal levels. Sources of zinc include meat, poultry, nuts, seeds, spinach, and mushrooms. It’s also no coincidence that oysters, a renowned aphrodisiac, are high in zinc. ProSolution pills contain zinc oxide for improving the metabolism of testosterone and sperm mobility.

Vitamin C

Good old vitamin C is shown to boost your virility and sex drive through increased sperm production. It can be found in various fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits, berries, and leafy green vegetables. ProSolution pills contain Momordica, a tropical plant high in vitamin C that’s also shown to increase metabolism and testosterone production.


L-arginine is an amino acid: the building blocks of protein. Once ingested, L-arginine is converted into nitric acid, which is shown to improve blood flow, including to your penis. This increased blood flow results in more rigid erections, which you’ll be able to sustain for prolonged periods. You’ll also experience more powerful orgasms when you eventually climax. ProSolution pills contain a natural ingredient called drill en for this purpose, which quickly increases nitric oxide levels.