How to Improve Your Vigor in Bed

Natural ways to increase your energy in the bedroom

The simple truth is, women can take longer to get going during sex than men. It’s very common for a man to reach climax in the bedroom before his partner has even begun to reach sexual satisfaction. In fact it’s so common that you don’t have to look far to find a TV show, movie, or even commercial where this scenario isn’t depicted.

Improve your vigor in bed

If this something you can relate to, fear not because help is at hand. There are many simple things you can do increase your vigor in bed, and give your partner the sexual performances you’re truly capable of, and the pleasure that she deserves:

Improve Your Diet

In the world of computing, there’s common saying: garbage in, garbage out or GIGO. This states that if you put the wrong data into a computer, you shouldn’t expect what it produces to be any good. Well this applies even more to your body, in that if you fill it with cheap, nutritionally-poor, sugar and fat-laden foods, you can’t expect it to perform to its full potential; including in the bedroom. Get rid of sugary foods that wreck havoc on your blood sugar levels in favor of nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables. Not only will they stabilize your blood sugar which results in stable energy levels, but they supply you with vitamins and minerals that improve your energy production, cardiovascular system health, and sex hormone production. All of which serve to make you a vigorous, vital, force in the bedroom.

ProSolution Pills

ProSolution pills are among the market leaders in male enhancing products, which give you a discreet, instant boost in sexual energy when the occasion calls for it. Instead of merely supplying additional blood to the penis as many other enhancement products do, ProSolution pills also work on your overall energy levels and sexual desire. Its natural ingredients include zinc oxide, which aids sperm production and testosterone; reishi mushrooms, which increase your stamina; and arjuna, which improves the health of your heart and blood vessels.

Get into Better Shape

A good, long-lasting, sex session is tons of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. In fact, studies have shown that sex burns at least 3.6 calories a minute with many positions burning significantly more. Therefore, if you want to increase your vigor in the bedroom, it’s a great idea to get into better shape. Three, 30 minute exercise sessions per week are sufficient to improve your stamina, strengthen your muscles, and burn fat. You’ll feel better, look better, and be able to perform for far longer, and your partner will definitely thank you for it.