Why a Healthy Heart is Important for Your Sex Life

How good cardiovascular health helps you in the bedroom

Your heart is arguably the most important organ in your body, acting as a giant pump that supplies blood carrying oxygen and essential nutrients to every part of your body. It’s able to efficiently transport blood around your body thanks to your cardiovascular system: an intricate network of blood vessels that carries oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the body, and in turn, deoxygenated blood from the body back to the heart. This is important during sex, as it’s the job of your heart to supply oxygenated blood to the various limbs and muscles that need it. Quite simply, the healthier your heart and cardiovascular system, the more active you’ll be able to be during sex, and the longer you’ll be able to go.

However, an unhealthy heart doesn’t just limit your sexual potential; it actually decreases your sexual ability. Consistently poor lifestyle choices such as lack of exercise, an unbalanced diet, and smoking can lead to heart disease, a symptom of which is erectile dysfunction. So much, so that erectile dysfunction is being used as an early indicator of heart disease, with men visiting their doctor to report issues with attaining an erection being found to be suffering from the condition.


If you feel like you might be at risk, or are perhaps already suffering from erectile dysfunction as a result of poor heart disease, here are some ways to improve the health of your heart and the cardiovascular system:

Establish an Exercise Routine

Exercising more is often the hardest piece of advice to act on, but it’s the one that will arguably have the biggest impact. Exercise, even when at a moderate pace, increases blood flow around your body. This helps to mobilize the fatty deposits that may have built up in your blood vessels, restricting blood flow and preventing you from getting or sustaining an erection.

While your new routine is taking hold and your body has a chance to respond to it, you could consider a male enhancement product like ProSolution pills. Comprised of natural ingredients, ProSolution pills contain many substances that help you achieve strong, long-lasting erections. This includes drill en, which increases your nitric oxide levels to increase blood flow to the penis.

Eat Better

Along with being more active, finding ways to improve the way you eat is a sure way of improving your heart’s health. Foods high in fat, sugar, and salt are bad for your heart and are responsible for the fatty deposits which clog your blood vessels. Alternatively, fruit, vegetables, fish, lean meat, nuts, and seeds are high in nutrients that benefit your heart. Vitamin C is well-renowned for its benefits to your heart and is found in ProSolution Plus pills for this reason. ProSolution pills contain Momordica, apigenin, and amla, all of which are known for their high levels of vitamin C. Apigenin and amla are also good for the health of your penis and safeguard your ability to perform sexually long-term.

Get More Sleep

Ensuring you get enough sleep decreases your dependence on stimulants such as cigarettes, caffeine, and sugar, all of which have a negative, long-term impact on the health of your heart. If you’re affected by erectile dysfunction due to poor lifestyle choices, simply getting more rest is sure to help.